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For some people, it is only through kink that they access their most authentic selves. It’s truly an honor to lead clients on this journey. Kink isn’t just physical, it is immensely cerebral as well. With that in mind, it is important that before our session, we negotiate what is and isn’t wanted and discuss safety. If you’re brand new to kink, and aren’t sure what you’d like to try, here are some ideas:

Flogging - Flogging is using a flogger on your body but always working you up to the pain threshold and working to raise that to higher levels. Intense flogging is pushing you hard to the threshold and as far beyond as your body permits. The endorphin surges happen when your body goes under stress and the pain threshold is challenged.

Bondage - Light bondage is looser attachments to objects where there can be some movement of the body. Heavy bondage is a more secure, fully restrained feel.

Forced Homosexuality - This is primarily for straight or bi self-identified guys who want to feel like they are being “forced” into gay sexual situations and experiences.

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Scene play - This is a fantasy/desire scenario that a variety of kink play is wrapped within. For example you might want a military style interrogation scene, doctor’s office visit, Master/slave, corporal punishment or something similar that will become roles that each of us steps into for the duration of your session. Within that session we use kink play to bring the fantasy to life.

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